Administrative Code, Title 14, Section 4307
No person shall remove, injure, deface or destroy any object of paleontological, archaeological, or historical interest or value.
CCR Section 1427
Recognizes that Califomia's archaeological resources are endangered by urban development and population growth and by natural forces. The Legislature further finds and declares that these resources need to be preserved in order to illuminate and increase public knowledge concerning the historic and prehistoric past of California. Every person, not the owner thereof, who willfully injures, disfigures, defaces, or destroys any object or thing of archaeological or historical interest or value, whether situated on private lands or within any public park or place, is guilty of a misdemeanor. It is a misdemeanor to alter any archaeological evidence found in any cave, or to remove any materials from a cave.
Senate Concurrent Resolution Number 43
Requires all state agencies to cooperate with programs of archaeological survey and excavation, and to preserve known archaeological resources whenever this is reasonable.
Senate Concurrent Resolution Number 87 - Resolution Chapter 104, filed with Secretary of State September 1, 1978
Provides for the identification and protection of traditional Native American resource gathering sites on State land.